Exhibition | YC Solar debuts in Solar Pakistan

Feb. 29, 2024

Exhibition | YC Solar debuts in Solar Pakistan


On 27th February, YC Solar's high-efficiency photovoltaic modules appeared in Solar Pakistan, attracting many on-site customers to stop and inquire.

Pakistan Lahore International Energy Exhibition (SOLAR PAKISTAN) is the only specialised energy exhibition for photovoltaic in Pakistan. The exhibition has received strong support from many departments of the Pakistani government, and has been recognised by many people in the power and energy industries in Pakistan and South Asia, and has been highly praised by these people and major media. The exhibition provides a good platform for face-to-face exchanges between buyers and sellers as well as scholars and experts, and also makes necessary contributions to the investment and development of Pakistan's energy sector, industrial development and improvement of residents' lives.

Exhibition | YC Solar debuts in Solar Pakistan

Full Scenarios Higher Efficiency

On the exhibition site, YC Solar's high-efficiency photovoltaic module YCM-N series has been recognised by many customers.

Pakistan has a relatively low level of local electricity production, sources of electricity are dominated by coal, oil and gas, followed by nuclear and hydro energy, with solar power accounting for less than 1 per cent of total electricity generation. According to the energy plan of IGCEP2047, Pakistan's installed PV capacity is expected to reach 12.8GW by 2030 and 26.9GW by 2047.

YC Solar YCM-N series modules achieve higher photoelectric conversion efficiency and lower cost through the optimisation of cell structure, material selection and process, etc. It adopts the latest generation of N-type TOPCon technology, and according to the test data, the attenuation rate of this series of modules is less than 1%, and the annual linear attenuation rate is less than 0.4%.

Exhibition | YC Solar debuts in Solar Pakistan

In addition, YC Solar's high-efficiency PV modules have excellent performance and reliable quality assurance, which can be better adapted to different installation scenarios and application requirements, and have the characteristics of adaptability, integration and resistance. Most of the areas in Pakistan are in the subtropics, and the climate is hot and dry in general, and YC Solar's high-efficiency modules have been verified through a number of technologies, and they are able to operate efficiently in the environments with high temperatures, extreme cold, high wind loads, high salt spray, high corrosion, and high wind and sand conditions, which can be perfectly matched to the climatic conditions of the South Asian region.

Exhibition | YC Solar debuts in Solar Pakistan

The EPC PV integrated system solution launched by YC Solar in this exhibition converts the off-grid system, grid-connected system and irrigation system into green and clean energy through the combination of inverters and distribution boxes, and at the same time it can be uploaded in real time to the monitoring system and the cloud platform, which ensures the normal operation of the system to a maximum extent and maximises the efficiency, providing customers with a complete and integrated solution.

Exhibition | YC Solar debuts in Solar Pakistan

Market terminal complete industry chain

It is learnt that the overseas team of YC Solar also exhibited the BIPV Pedal Induction Luminous Floor Tile products of Gain Solar, a brand of Yingli Group, at this exhibition.

Exhibition | YC Solar debuts in Solar Pakistan

Pedal induction tiles use photovoltaic power generation to drive the tiles to light up, using the foot sensor design, each step will show different colours of bright light, gorgeous and changing colours greatly enhance the interactivity and interests of people and the road, at the same time, the product photovoltaic power generation is self-generated, with a special waterproof and leakage-proof design, the product is running on a low voltage, without the need for additional laying of lines to connect to the mains, to circumvent the hidden dangers of electrocution in the process of long-term outdoor use, can be widely used in tourist attractions, parks, plazas, pedestrian streets and other public places, for the city to create a low-carbon "net red" attractions.

Relying on more than 30 years of accumulated experience in the PV industry, from PV module production to EPC construction, and from PV building integration to the integrated services of green solutions of Land Road Technology, Yingli Group has formed a complete market terminal industrial chain, and YC Solar has assembled two major advantages of the production side and the application side, and possesses the full-scene, digital intelligent PV power plant technology, providing customers with deep-scene customised PV power plant development and construction solutions and services, which are widely serviced in more than 80 industries and fields, such as industrial manufacturing, agriculture, fisheries, energy, architecture, transportation, new urbanisation, and energy saving renovation.

Exhibition | YC Solar debuts in Solar Pakistan

The person in charge of YC Solar's overseas team said, "As an active promoter of the dual-carbon goal, YC Solar will continue to give full play to its product and application advantages, and create a full chain of services for customers with sustained innovation capabilities to achieve higher whole-process-cycle profitability and efficiency, meeting the personalised and differentiated needs of domestic and overseas customers."

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