YC Solar| Product + application collaboration to create better solutions with better quality

Apr. 11, 2024

YC Solar| Product   application collaboration to create better solutions with better quality

"Sunlight has no borders, and we have the responsibility and obligation to turn it into energy for the benefit of all mankind." This is Yingli Group's unchanging original intention after 30 years in the PV industry.

As a new generation of Solar PV brand launched in response to the development trend of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, since its inception in 2020, YC Solar, relying on the photovoltaic experience of the Yingli Group, has been outputting a one-stop photovoltaic solution of "Full scenarios, higher efficiency " based on the core advantages of advanced module manufacturing, full-scene power plant construction and full industry chain resources.

Intelligent manufacturing side

Going “higher”

In order to give full play to the role of digitalization and intelligent technology, YC Solar innovatively applies GW-level production lines on the product side, with 8GW high-efficiency photovoltaic module digital intelligent production lines in Baoding, Hanzhong, etc., and it is a more comprehensive quality control application of artificial intelligence and warehousing-logistics-manufacturing intelligent linkage enterprise in China.

YC Solar| Product   application collaboration to create better solutions with better quality

As an up-and-coming brand, Yingchen New Energy PV Intelligent Manufacturing features are mainly reflected in: Firstly, the production line has a higher level of intelligence, and the designed capacity of a single production line reaches 1 GW, which is twice the average level of the same industry; Secondly, the integration of advanced technologies is higher, integrating advanced technologies in the industry such as low-temperature anhydrous non-destructive slicing, large-size silicon wafers, multi-busbar and multi-split wafers, dual glass and bifacial power generation, micro distance welding, and special-shaped ribbon; Third, higher product compatibility, the production line is compatible with PERC process cells, N-type TOPCON process cells, heterojunction HJT process cells and other photovoltaic modules single/dual glass encapsulation, and at the same time, it is compatible with the production of green building materials BIPV photovoltaic curtain wall products, and is compatible with more than 70 types of products; Fourth, higher module power, the highest single module design power can reach more than 760 watts; Fifth, a higher degree of artificial intelligence quality control," Incoming materials, manufacturing and finished products" inspection of the entire production path, a total of five quality control links, artificial intelligence to assist in the determination, big data collection and analysis, industrial cloud technology to assist storage and control, a greater degree of assurance of product quality.

YC Solar| Product   application collaboration to create better solutions with better quality

Based on the advantages of intellectual manufacturing, YCM series modules of YC Solar cover the whole series of products of 182 and 210, which have the characteristics of high power, high reliability, high power generation and low attenuation, etc. The power includes 500W+, 540W+, 550W+, 600W+, 670W+ and 700W+, etc. The highest conversion efficiency of the modules can be up to 22.8%, which can satisfy the differentiated needs of different customers in different scenarios

At the same time, the production workshop of YC Solar is fully automated, with higher stability of product quality. With the application of intelligent manufacturing execution MES and intelligent storage WMS system, the whole chain of production quality information can be traced back, and the AI intelligent identification technology empowers the product quality. YC Solar ensures the quality through the whole chain of 3 major quality control system, 4 major quality management system by process, and "24 hours response, 48 hours solution" to the customer's demand.

Application side

Going “deeper”

Yingli Group has been engaged in the development and construction of photovoltaic power plants since 2002, and its projects are widely distributed in complex environments such as deserts, Gobi, mountains and waters. Relying on more than 20 years of PV power plant technology advantages and construction experience, YC Solar follows the development trend of deepening PV application scenarios, and forges four core advantages of with digital intelligence technology, namely "integration, modularization, informationization and digitization", and utilizes digital and intelligent technology to realize management and project digitization, providing customers with customized high-quality products. We use digital intelligent technology to realize the digitalization of management and engineering, and provide customers with customized high-quality solutions and services.

YC Solar| Product   application collaboration to create better solutions with better quality

YC Solar Guangxi single largest rooftop distributed  phase I project

As the earliest professional force to engage in the development and construction of PV power plants in China, YC Solar's leading role in PV applications is mainly reflected in the following aspects: Firstly, PV application scenario leadership, PV power plant projects covering deserts, mudflats, Gobi, mountains, islands, waters and various types of roofs and other complex scenarios, with full-scenario solutions to widely serve more than 80 industries and fields, such as industrial manufacturing, energy, construction, transportation, agriculture, fisheries, new urbanization, integrated energy management, mine restoration, etc., with mature experience in safety and construction; Secondly, it is led by power plant engineering qualifications and standards, with more than ten qualifications, such as the second level of general contracting for electromechanical engineering, the second level of general contracting for electric power engineering, the second level of professional contracting for architectural curtain wall engineering, and the fourth level of electric power installation (repair and test), etc. It has compiled 19 industrial and commercial photovoltaic power station construction standards, 21 safety construction standards, 35 design specifications, and developed 11 industrial and commercial photovoltaic special system optimization solutions; Thirdly, it leads in power plant construction efficiency. Relying on advanced power plant technology and based on the construction data of 5,000 full-scenario PV power plants, the company reduces system loss with optimal layout by taking advantage of LCOE refinement design, which improves the overall power generation efficiency of the power plant by 3%, shortens the construction period by 10%, and improves the overall life span of the power plant by 20%.

YC Solar| Product   application collaboration to create better solutions with better quality

YC Solar Sinopec Yunnan Gas Station Photovoltaic Project

In late March, YC Solar national photovoltaic power station inspection activities will be officially opened to provide guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the power station.

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